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Organizer: Sportovní klub psích spřežení Plzeň z.s.

Race director: Jan Kotiš, phone: +420 731 532 954, e-mail: jankotis15@gmail.com

Trail commissioner: Martin Bílý, phone: +420 725 717 855

Chief referee: Rosťa Job, phone: +420 724 351 262

Registration manager: Kateřina Kunštová, phone: +420 725 871 100

IT support: Jan Kunšta, phone: +420 725 720 794

Date of Event: 10th February 2023 – 12th February 2023

Registration deadline: Monday 6th February 2023


Race cancelling deadline:     Thursday 9th February 2023

Registration fee:     Sprint – 800 CZK

    Mid – 1200 CZK

Payment by bank transfer in advance (by 8th February 2023)

Account number 2700709984 / 2010

IBAN: CZ59 2010 0000 0027 0070 9984


Variable symbol: DID; Message for the recipient: name, surname and the category in which you want to participate.

In exceptional cases, when paying on the spot, there is a penalty of 500 CZK for each category. In case of race cancellation, the registration fee will be refunded. Registration fees cannot be transferred between participants.

Parking fee: 300 CZK for each car at a Stake Out.

Registration: Zadov parking A

Trail length of sprint: According to the particular category and actual snow conditions

    4-6 km teams up to 2 dogs

    8-10 km teams up to 4 dogs

    14-16 km teams up to 12 dogs and skiers


Chiplist and info for commenter download here:



Info for commenter



Saturday: afternoon stage

Sunday: morning stage

SPRINT Juniors: 

Saturday: afternoon stage

Sunday: morning stage


Friday: night prologue with a start to the slope 15km (important!!!, the start of Friday prologue is at a different place than the Stake Out, a distance of about 1.5km, more information at the compulsory Friday musher meeting)

Saturday: afternoon stage about 30 km

Sunday: morning stage about 30 km

Trail description:

Trails are run along the racing trails of ČUS L. A Zadov

Trails of SPRINT and MID are partially composed of more difficult mountain profiles, and more technically demanding places.

The base of the race: 

Zadov parking A

Hygienic requirements:

The races are held under the hygiene measures in force at the time of the race.

Veterinary requirements:

Valid vaccinations according to valid racing rules of SSPS. The meeting of valid veterinary conditions is necessary for all categories without distinction!

Dogs securing:

The races are held in a mountain resort, where there is a lack of arranged parking spaces. On that account, the size of the stake-out area for your pets is restricted. That's why we would like to ask you to use as little space as possible. During the day, dogs can be left under supervision at the stake-out, otherwise in transport boxes.

It is strictly forbidden to walk dogs freely!!!!

The competitor is fully responsible for his dogs.

Mandatory equipment:

According to the racing rules in force. It will be checked after reaching the finish.

Announced categories:


U, U1, U2 – Teams with 7 and more dogs

A, A1, A2 – Teams with 7-8 dogs 

B, B1, B2 – Teams with 5-6 dogs 

C, C1, C2 – Teams with 3-4 dogs 

D, D1 – Teams with 2 dogs

SKJ2 – Skijoring with one or two dogs

SKJ1M, SKJ1MV – Skijoring with one dog men

SKJ1W, SKJ1WV – Skijoring with one dog women

SKJ1J – Skijoring with one dog juniors

PM – Pulka with one dog men

PW – Pulka with one dog women  

KombiM – Combination men 

KombiW – Combination women 

Exhibition category:

SKJP – Incoming: skijoring with one dog

CC – Canicross with one dog

SSC – Snowscoter with one or two dogs


MU, MU1, MU2 – Teams with 7-12 dogs

MB, MB1, MB2 – Teams with 4-6 dogs  

MSKJ2, – Skijoring with one or two dogs

SNOWBIKE – embedded category for bikers without a dog


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